• Let’s face it, most of us look up to celebrities for their extravagant lifestyles and basically perfect bodies. While many of us would do almost anything to get a hold of some celebrity diet secrets and be able to drop weight the way they do (even though many appear much too skinny), there are many simple techniques that anyone can employ.

    If you are looking at some celebrity diet secrets and wondering if they’d work for you, it may be beneficial to asses the methods of some specific famous celebs. Because their careers depend on them looking a certain way, there are often drastic measures taken, or loads of money poured into nutritionists and personal trainers.

    If you want to use some celebrity techniques to get into shape and improve your fitness, just make sure that they are healthy and safe. Here are five celebrity diets and fitness programs that can help you lose weight and get closer to the body you want.

    1. Jessica Alba

    Not only does this beautiful actress play amazing roles, she is also in amazing shape. Jessica sticks to a healthy eating and workout plan that allows her to maintain her great figure. She is known as an actress who never deprives her body of food, and eats three meals a day while performing an effective exercise routine that keeps her metabolism going. Jessica takes care of her health by eating a balanced diet foods of lean protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. With meals like a salad with salmon, or lean beef and mixed veggies, Alba fuels her exercise regimen with the perfect balance of proper nutrition. This is a great celebrity to mirror for anyone looking to live an overall healthier lifestyle.

    2. Gwyneth Paltrow

    Someone with such a slender figure might not need to worry about dieting, but Gwyneth adopts healthy habits that are centered around organic and whole foods to keep her nutrition on point. Well-known as one of the first celebrities to adopt a macrobiotic diet plan, Gwyneth works to stay healthy by cutting out sugar and white flour completely, as well as all dairy products. This tall and slim actress mostly focuses on eating a diet rich in vegetables, lean meats and brown rice. She also practices yoga on a daily basis to improve strength and fitness.

    3. Kate Hudson

    While Kate is a celebrity with a naturally petite frame, she ended up gaining about sixty pounds when she became pregnant. Unlike other celebrities, who choose to practice unhealthy and unsafe methods of dropping baby weight (i.e. juicing and liquid diets), Kate decided to shed the pounds in a steady and consistent way. Hudson added major amounts of healthy protein to her diet, aiming to consume more nuts, lean meats and egg whites. She also began an exercise regimen that includes cardiovascular work in conjunction with weight training. Taking part in a work out and healthy eating plan similar to this is a great way for any average person to get into shape.

    4. Audrina Patridge

    Although not technically a celebrity, this reality TV star from MTV’s The Hills can be a great role-model for a healthy lifestyle. After being on Dancing With the Stars, Audrina took even more of an interest on improving health and fitness. She sticks to a low-calorie, high protein diet every day, mostly eating lean grilled chicken breast or salmon, and lots of veggies. Snacks include low-fat yogurt or string cheese, and some natural peanut butter or nuts. For someone trying to lose weight or maintain weight loss, many benefits come along with this kind of diet, and can help cultivate a healthy body.

    5. Jennifer Aniston

    Known for having one of the sexiest bodies in Hollywood, Jennifer Aniston is very committed to her exercise regimen, as well as a balanced diet. To stay lean and in shape, Aniston follows the 40-30-30 diet method that consists of 40% Low glycemic carbs (like beans, fruits and veggies), 30% lean proteins (like fish, chicken, turkey and low-fat dairy products), and 30% healthy fats like nuts, seeds and olive oils. Jennifer works hard to balance each meal with a good mix of these foods to maximize weight maintenance. She has also been known to practice Pilates regularly, to achieve that long and lean look envied by so many women.

    While keeping in mind that many celebrities are simply genetic freaks with above-average looks, there are some tips and tricks that anyone can take away from how they live their lives. While all celebrities have the means to employ any necessary help to preserve their physique, when it comes down to it, they are real people who have to work to stay healthy. Use these safe and effective celebrity diet tricks to get closer to the body you’ve always dreamed of.

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